How to change your Microsoft Office for Mac license key

This one’s easy. Microsoft office for mac checks whether the license key you’re using is already being used by someone else (I think it only checks on your local network, but perhaps it uses the internet? I’m not sure). But sometimes you need to move people between computers and you can end up with more than one person using the same license key. To fix this you need to delete the old license key (on one of the computers) and enter a new one. Microsoft doesn’t provide an easy way to do this but I found a solution online.

Thanks go to Tech Tips Tricks for showing me how to do this (note that Tech Tip Tricks suggests also deleting a user preference file, but this file doesn’t exist on any system that I’ve tried this on)


Delete this file:

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist

then when you next start office it will ask for your new license key.


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